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Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Well tomorrow the day I find out if i going to be single or not… I know what i wont so i hope for the best. I have something i have to get off my chest, so i ask him to meet me face to face. It is not like it really matters he has made up his mind already. So i could be fighting a lost cause but at least i will put up a little fight. I know that we were moving to fast but i did not really realize till you take a step back. I know im going to be fine either way but i will be broken for a bit. One of my friends are either want be to go back to a past mistake and another is already saying they have good better guy for me to date. After this i just need time to breathe and rethink my life a little bit. There are something i realized about myself that i need to work on before jumping into anything thing, if i have to.